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Rob Kubasko was one of the original innovators of online politics for over 15 years. You may not know his name, but you probably have seen or been inspired by his work. With backgrounds in graphic design and political campaigns, Rob founded Iguana, Inc. in 1995. Iguana's first client was the Bob Dole for President campaign, where Rob pioneered political web based design and several innovations such as customizable user content and electronic postcards. In 2008, Rob served as creative director for the McCain for President national campaign. He retired from politics in 2010 and now works with clients across the globe with fast, creative solutions to their communication needs.  With the depth of his experience, Rob brings a unique perspective to how organizations create and deliver their message for tomorrow and beyond. He is a life long nerd who loves Star Wars, Legos, and all things Pixar and Apple. Rob resides in Tempe, Arizona with his wife and daughter.

At Iguana, we specialize in delivering design miracles for companies and non-profits of all sizes. Most of the time, that takes the form of quick-turnaround infographics, presentation decks, and videos. Sometimes, it's a Facebook graphic of a pregnant rat smoking crack, or a recruitment brochure for government agencies around the world. (We don't ask and don't tell.) Our high quality designs are adaptable to any use, including social networking, websites, print materials, or whatever you can dream. For 20 years, Iguana has made a name for itself by working fast. We look forward to our next opportunity to help you and your team.