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Quick Fire: Shrinky Dinks and #Hashtags

Katie Morroni

Best thing on the Internet in the last week or two: 

Rob: TIE and they're both merchandise… ThinkGeek released some of their Star Wars European Celebration Merchandise… Four words: Death Star Soccer Ball! And Shrinky Dinks Ink Jet Sheets. I've wanted these for 30 years!

Cecily: The Justin Timberlake hashtag bit...  

Katie: Ditto! #showmethecookie #dontmindifidont #ididitallforthecookie


Favorite font of the moment: 

Rob: It's still Gibson. LOVE this font so much.

Cecily: Gibson Light

Katie: Pass… I use Gibson because I've been taught by the best, but I don't get quite as excited by fonts as my friends here.


What you are reading, or the last book you finished: 

Rob: Sadly, nothing this week… too many returning television shows to catch up on… NCIS and my new favorite: Brooklyn Nine Nine!

Cecily: Just started The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown

Katie: The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt by Edmund Morris

Next travel destination, and what you're most excited about there: 

Rob: Not sure… actually staying put for the next few months… but that's not a bad thing. Always looking forward to home and of course Star Wars Celebration in 2015!

Cecily: Heading to Colorado Springs to visit my best friend, who is currently on a 5-month trip around the country.

Katie: Next week, I'm off to my hometown of St. Louis, Missouri for a friend's wedding. I cannot wait to celebrate with her, see my family, and eat at my family's Italian restaurant!


Goal to accomplish before the year's end: 

Rob: More balance in life… better organization, a clean office closet, regular bike rides, some painting and time well spent.

Cecily: Organize all of my digital files. It probably won't happen.

Katie: The theme is finishing -- both my first half-marathon and a handful of books I've been jumping between.