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Quick Fire: Jingle Bells & Catching Fire

Katie Morroni

1. What is the best thing you've seen on the Internet this week?

Rob: Of course it's...

I know some people might find this video outrageous... and it is.  But it's pretty harmless and funny. I say this not having a 6 year old boy who may or may not be trying to jingle his bells out on the playground.  To anyone in that category I say, "He'll forget about it in a week." ;-)

Cecily: This toddler naps with his 2-month-old puppy every day! 

Katie: I've got to say, George W. Bush's interview with Jay Leno cracked me up. (Watch Part 1 here and follow the prompts to watch all the segments.) 

On a slightly more useful note, I also learned how to cook food in a coffee pot. Unless you want your poached salmon with a hint of coffee grounds -- or perhaps worse, your coffee with an essence of fish -- I'd hold off and save this for truly dire circumstances. 

2. Name 3 things you love but rarely buy for yourself.

Rob: Wow... that's a hard one. Mainly because I'm such a compulsive shopper. I guess I would say: ties (because I rarely wear one but I LOVE them), groceries (if I go, I come back with tons of crap we don't need) and... wow... I can't think of a third. ;-)

Cecily: The newest and coolest technology (whatever that may be), art supplies I don’t necessarily need, and mani/pedis 

Katie: Tickets to ballets and museums, fresh flowers, & growlers of small-batch or limited release craft beers you can't buy in bottles or cans

3. When you're struggling with productivity or focus, what's one of your go-to remedies?

Rob: A nap, inspirational music, and contemplating how truly insignificant my role and problems are in the bigger picture of the world.

Cecily: I temporarily walk away and start doing something else.

Katie: Cleaning my office. When what's around me is tidy, I usually have a better shot at focusing my mind.

4. What would you like to learn more about?

Rob: How electricity works... the whole thing... how you wire a home, lights, all that kind of stuff.

Cecily: How to be more efficient with my time

Katie: Homebrewing beer & painting with watercolors

5. Will you be Catching Fire this weekend?


Rob: Yes, but only AFTER watching The Day of the Doctor (50th Anniversary Doctor Who Episode).

Cecily: No, that’s silly. Fire burns. I also won’t be playing in traffic or juggling chainsaws this weekend. (And I’m not a Hunger Games fan, so there is that, too.)

Katie: Heck yeah. In preparation for seeing the movie Friday night, I also rewatched The Hunger Games on Tuesday and am reading Catching Fire for the first time.