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Quick Fire: On The Importance of Random Knowledge

Katie Morroni

Years ago, Cecily spotted this quote in a magazine, cut it out, and added it to her sketchbook: "Successful design feeds off random knowledge."

successful design quote.jpg

Inspired by an appreciation of random knowledge and to avoid overthinking our first blog post, here's some random knowledge about our team, and some random knowledge on our minds this week, as we gather together in Tempe, Arizona, USA for our second of three retreats in 2013.


First thing you did on your computer this morning: 

Rob: Email. Yuck.  But quickly followed by all my favorite Mac blogs to relive the wonder of the iPhone 5S announcement.

Cecily: Checked Facebook while my email loaded

Katie: Replied to a client and used the sentence "I love deadlines!" without any sarcasm


 Best thing you've seen on the Internet this week: 

Rob: Guinness Basketball Commercial... Not just a twist ending but one with enormous heart without being sappy.

Cecily: Sticky notes to go on your iPhone (for the times when a reminder, alarm, etc. just doesn't cut it) 

Katie: A web graphic from my favorite print magazine

Most recent addition to your Amazon Wish List: 

Rob: A new HD projector and a bunch of Lego themed books

Cecily: Peppermint oil… It's supposed to keep mice away.

Katie: I almost added a collection of poetry earlier this week, but decided to borrow it from the library instead. 


Favorite logo of the moment: 

Rob: Wendy's.  It's a great update to a logo I remember seeing as a kid in the 70's and thinking "wow, that's old." 

Cecily: Ed's Electric because the negative space is equally as important as the positive space

Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 12.30.15 PM.png

Katie: Apple, because the new iPhones are on my mind… 


TV show you're binge-watching lately and how you view it (Netflix, Apple TV, Rabbit ears, etc.): 

Rob: Rizzoli & Isles on iTunes/Apple TV - Favorite summer show!

Cecily: The Office on Hulu, and 30 Rock on Netflix (both from the beginning)

Katie: Parks and Recreation on Netflix