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Lego Ads: Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt

Katie Morroni

Cecily and Rob are digging the latest Lego ads. Here's why -- and maybe some fodder for you and your company or client to consider when you approach your next advertising campaign:


• Above all else, the message is clear: Legos can be anything you can imagine.

• Who didn't play with Legos at some point? We love the nostalgia.

•The background gradient is just right: subtle, but still provides some depth and visual interest without distracting the eye. Adding to this great design? Lego can create all the ads with the green or blue background and almost any color brick. This is a great example of a simple color scheme working for a brand in all the right ways, helping to make the ad, the content, and the brand itself instantly recognizable.

•We love the choice for no text, meaning language is not a limitation to understand the ad.

•The airplane ad is probably our favorite, because the distance between the plane and shadow creates the illusion that it is flying, and not grounded in reality. Speaking of shadows... Having a shadow that reflects something unseen is a great tool when used effectively: 


•This is an outstanding representation of how imagination is essential to play. That's something our team can always get behind.

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