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First Impressions of iOS 7

Rob Kubasko

iOS7 continues that uniquely Apple tradition of not realizing how well thought out their solutions are until you actually hold them in your hand and use them.

I was (and in some small cases still am) fairly critical of iOS7. But after upgrading, I've found some wonderful features that are so elegant you can't believe they weren't there the whole time.

Two stand out for me in the first hour of using my iPhone 5.

First, we've finally have one touch access to speakerphone mode when accessing voicemail. I don't know about you, but this was always a pain to have to click to the audio options and switch when reviewing messages. It's right where it should be here.


The second is the insanely great leveling tool embedded in the new compass. Go to the compass, switch to the second screen and you have access to one of the most amazing leveling tools ever made. Put the phone on it's end (as if trying to level a photo frame on a wall) and you've got a super accurate leveler that turns green when you've reached 0 degrees. Then, take the phone and put it on a table and watch the leveler wonderfully adapt with two "bubbles" giving you the angle of the plane it's currently on. Absolutely brilliant.


Now I need to erase the -1 degree slope on my desk WHILE learning more about the new things my iPhone can do. ;-)

 -- Rob Kubasko