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Quick Fire: Cute Animals & Design Inspiration

Katie Morroni

Believing that "successful design feeds off random knowledge," here's a snapshot of what's on our minds this week.


Best thing on the Internet last week:


Cecily: A lab and an elephant become best friends... Does it get any better?! 



Katie: Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.


Favorite app of the moment: 

Rob: iOS 7 Compass

Cecily: Does Mail (in iOS 7) count?

Katie: You mean besides Candy Crush? Untappd.


eBook, paperback, or hardcover:

Rob: Currently, paperback

Cecily:  eBook if I'm reading for pleasure, but paperback or hardcover for design books.

Katie: It's complicated. Right now, I'm reading 4 books: One is hardcover, one is a paperback, one I like to read on my old-school Kindle, and one I read with the Kindle app on the iPad. 


Last playlist or album you listened to:

Rob: Bruce Springsteen Greatest Hits

Cecily: The Lumineers, Imagine Dragons, and Coldplay

Katie: Bad Blood by Bastille


Recent design inspiration:

Rob: The things that don't quite work in iOS7… like Notes on the iPad. Too much white actually CAN be a bad thing.

Cecily: Trying to learn the ins and outs of flat design... iOS 7 just solidified the trend and I think it will stick around for a while. (For those looking for an intro to flat design, follow this link.)

Katie: I'm the non-designer in this crew, but I still consider myself a student and fan of good design. Packaging has been on my mind since attending a lecture by Johnny Earle of Johnny Cupcakes with Cecily in Phoenix. My latest favorite? The beautiful, durable, and oh-so-reusable green and white box I received containing a gift from