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8 links I love: On Henri Matisse, Peyton Manning, and the Joys of a New Notebook

Katie Morroni

From early twentieth century French art exhibits to aging football player jokes, from new reasons to love old fashioned pen and paper to accolades for the home of a favorite bourbon cocktail -- it's hard to know just what will speak to me any given week on the Interwebs.

Here's a few blog posts and links from the last week or so that really caught my attention:

First, some links of (mostly, but not exclusively) local interest out here in the Mountain West:

1. Member Preview: Matisse and Friends (Denver Art Museum)

My birthday present this summer was a membership to the art museum here in Denver, and it's one of the best investments my husband and I have ever made. (Though a supporter and supportive, he would likely argue with my definition of "investment" here, but I digress.) Tomorrow, we're getting a first look at the museum's newest special exhibit, and I'm over the moon!

2. Denver bar Williams & Graham makes coveted list of 50 best bars in the world (Denver Post)

When I'm not pregnant, this speakeasy-style bar is one of my favorite places for a special occasion or to take out-of-town visitors. I'm forever indebted to a bartender there who introduced me to the Kentucky Maid. Fun to see this spot -- and a bar that isn't in NYC or LA -- getting this kind of attention.

3. Old Men and the (Previously) Unbeatens (Sports Illustrated)

I loved the first section of this article. First, both Peyton Manning getting razzed by a teammate for being old and his fantasy football joke right back cracked me up:

“So any touchdown passes that I’ve thrown usually resulted in helping our team try to win the game or win the game,’’ Manning said. “I think about it that way―that it helped the team. But yeah, somebody asked me if for my first [touchdown pass], ‘Did we wear leather helmets?’ So, that was a nice free cheap shot there. I wouldn’t start that guy on your fantasy team next week. He’s not going to get a lot of balls next week. I’ll leave him nameless.”

But in all seriousness, I think this is a smart and (dare I say this about a tough professional athlete?) graceful approach to aging and, more broadly, speaks to the need for all of us to assess and reassess all the time: 

“I’ve heard Drew Brees and Tom Brady say that they have this target, like, ‘I’m gonna play until I’m 45.'” Manning said in training camp. “I’m not in that position, I think because of my neck injury. But I think the smart way to handle it is, every March, I do this physical and we take a look at it. It’s the perfect time, because it says, ‘Hey, everything looks good.’ And also kind of allows me to go, I still want to go through a lifting, off-season schedule again. I do my neck check, but I do my heart check as well, my desire check. I like it when my heart says, Hey, let’s keep this going. I’ve been encouraged.”

Next, some announcements and productivity suggestions:

4. Introducing the Apprentice (Baron Fig)

I just pre-ordered these new pocket notebooks! I'm a big fan of their original notebook, The Confidant (and an early Kickstarter supporter for it), so I'm excited to see their latest notebook innovation.

See also #5. And, um, #6.

5. 8 ways a simple notebook can change your life (, via Eric Barker)

I've long been barking up this tree: With all the digital technology advances around us, there's just something about a pen and a good notebook, something about the physical act of writing something down. For me, I know it it helps my memory and clears my thinking. I'm looking forward to incorporating more of these suggestions and habits into my notebook routine. 

If this post speaks to you at all, might I suggest The Confidant or The Apprentice from Baron Fig? See #4. Oh, and for a 9th way a simple notebook can change your life, keep reading.

6. Make Two Lists (Seth Godin)

Closely related to my love of a good notebook is my love of making lists, so when I saw the title of this post, I knew I was going to like it. I just didn't know how much I would like it. Give it some thought, and get out a pen, friends.

7. Creative release: The secret to better brainstorming (Unstuck)

A simple, but brilliant suggestion. Definitely going to work this into some of the long term, internal projects we're chewing on here at Iguana.


And last, but not least, a reminder to take good care of ourselves:

8. Self-Care vs. Selfishness (Over the Moon, via Laken Nix)

I may be in a good groove when it comes to self-care, but it's still not quite natural to me, so this post was a helpful, straightforward reminder to stay the course.