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Quick Fire: Of Guitars, Hand-Drawn Lettering, & Dogs Impersonating Biden

Katie Morroni

Here are some quick questions and answers from our team:

Song currently on repeat...

Rob: "Angel in Blue Jeans" off the latest album (Bulletproof Picasso) from Train

Cecily: I haven’t been listening to music much lately because it makes me too distracted. I do, however, walk around the house with noise-cancelling headphones on- there just isn’t any music coming out of them :-)

Katie: "Call Me in the Afternoon," by Half Moon Run


Favorite work project lately...

Rob: We're doing a comprehensive branding project, including an investor/demo deck, for a special client.  It's great because the sky is the limit on creativity both digitally and in print, and we're faced with an assortment of design and comunication challenges.  We love the small projects, but something like this really let's us look at the big picture and do what we do best.

Cecily: We have a few different clients that need graphics to post on social media, and I really enjoy those. Some can be surprisingly difficult, but for the most part, I enjoy thinking in terms of how a single image can convey or support a message. 

Katie: I've been loving editing a client's marketing content to create video voiceover scripts. This task takes me back to my book and magazine editing days in some ways, and it's been fun for me to dust those skills off. 

Hobby I'd like to spend more time on...

Rob: Oh boy... I have had an acoustic guitar hanging on the wall of my office for over three years.  Would really learn to love and finally play it!

Cecily: Hmm, thats a tough one, but I will go with hand-drawn lettering. It is a lot of fun, but also very time consuming, so it is hard to find time to do it. Some people might be able to do it in little pockets of time here and there, but I like to dive in and finish the whole thing within a week or two so that I don’t lose momentum. [Learn more about Cecily's love of hand-drawn lettering here.]

Katie: Writing in a journal. [This answer shocks no one. See #4-6 from this recent post.]

Best packaging I've seen recently...

Rob: Kano is a little "make it yourself," Linux-based computer that's trying to bring the world of programming to a new generation of soon-to-be programmers. Pretty fantastic goal, and it was a very successful Kickstarter project. The final product (which I received about a month ago) is just stellar. Not only well done, but loaded with personality and whimsical touches that are all clearly designed to work together to convey the message of the product - not mere tack ons or afterthoughts. Really fantastic to see something so well done and recognize the agonizing amount of work that clearly went into it to get it done.

Cecily: Johnny Cupcakes always has great packaging, and their Halloween edition this year is no exception. I debated buying it purely because the packaging is so amazing.

Katie: The Withings Smart Baby Monitor... SUCH a sleek box, and a pleasure to open and set up. (Thank you, Rob!)

Best thing I've seen on the Internet in the past week or two...

Rob: How We Got To Now... This show looks absolutey stunning and thought provoking in some of the best ways possible.  Not only does it look well made, it tells a story that all of us take for granted: the amazing things we see in our world of any age are not the result of one or two people... but the combined efforts, successes and failures of many of us. The idea that we all benefit from the hard labor and inegnuity of everyone's efforts means we can certainly rise to the challenges of the obstacles in our future. In my mind, that's the best of the best.  Oh, and it's on iTunes.

Cecily: These Parents Are Dressing Their Baby In A Different Costume Every Day Until Halloween. Because really, who doesn’t love a cute baby in creative costumes?! 

Katie: A new Tumblr blog, Dogs Impersonating Biden. You're welcome.