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Changes in the Industry: Stock Art, Then and Now

Rob Kubasko

By Rob Kubasko

The core of our industry is the same today as it has been since I got started: providing solutions to design challenges fast. But there so many things that have changed, too.  

A certain relic from the past is still sitting in my garage somewhere -- and that relic is my enormous Case Logic CD binder filled with stock art CDs. And yeah, I said CDs because back in the mid 90s, DVDs were just starting to come out. In the "old days," we had to order stock discs with about 30-40 images. Those would be our "library."

You can imagine how insane this was compared to the literal universe that exists today online -- all available with a click or two.  It's actually amazing we did as well as we did.

What's worse is I think the retail value of that binder was somewhere in the $15,000 to $20,000 at the time.

Crazy times.  But when 80s styles and haircuts are back, and clients need those images in their projects, we ARE SO READY FOR THEM.