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Quick Fire: Bad Habits We Want to Break & What's Making Us Laugh

Katie Morroni

For a peak into our team's thoughts this week, here's our latest Quick Fire post. (Why Quick Fire? Check out the first iteration of this recurring series for details.)

Guilty pleasure of the moment...

Rob: Well, to be honest, since coming back from a long trip to the east coast, there are no guilty pleasures on anything because I’ve been behind on general life stuff. Ask me again in a couple weeks. ;-)

Cecily: Frozen Cool Whip… When I need a little treat, a spoonful makes me think I have had some ice cream with way less calories!

Katie: Watching ABC's Once Upon a Time... I recently binged a bit to get caught up on the last season via Netflix, and am now catching up with the episodes available online for this season. I am constantly surprised by the creativity involved in reimagining these familiar fairy tales and developing unexpected relationships between unrelated characters we *think* we already know.


Most recent Amazon purchase or addition to wish list...

Rob: Most recent purchase was a Belkin charging dock for my new iPhone 6 Plus. LOVE IT.  Works great and keeps my phone out of the way while working at my desk. Next up are some new DJ lights for an upcoming dance I'm volunteering at.

Cecily: Most recent amazon purchase: a white noise machine to help block out my noisy neighbors! 

Katie: My most recent Amazon purchase was a crib mattress, thanks to some gift cards from aunts, uncles, and cousins on both my husband's and my side of the family. It should be here any minute now, and was the last major purchase for our little one's nursery!


Bad habit I'd like to change or have been working on changing...

Rob: Too many to pick from... not getting to sleep on time, biting my fingernails, not managing clutter better, and not reading enough!  Oh, and general overall organization of my life and how it impacts others. Wow. I am a horrible person. ;-)

Cecily: I’m working on going to the gym more often. It's not successful most of the time, but I’m trying!

Katie: Looking at my phone first thing in the morning. I recently made a short-lived attempt to stop doing this, but I'm going to retry after reading this article.


Facebook or Twitter account that's making me laugh...

Rob: OK, so it's not either of those but it made me totally laugh this week. The Google ads in my web browser know I’m a WWE Network subscriber, so they keep popping up in various places. I clicked on one that linked to a video about an upcoming PPV, and in the related videos were these "Are You Serious?" videos I’d never seen before. Two of their people sit in a dark room and just make fun of old clips from the previous shows.  These videos remind me of something Mark SooHoo (best friend from our political days) and I would dream about doing… an online video blog with funny segments about how insane politics was/is... HA!  Here's an episode:

Cecily: I love the Oreo account, but Facebook’s algorithm means that for whatever reason, it NEVER shows up in my feed!

Katie: The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon... I don't stay up late enough to watch the show, but I love watching the highlight videos posted on Facebook after the fact.


Best thing on the Internet this week...

Rob: Also something of a bit of a departure in my answer here... my daughter and I are big Doctor Who fans, and there's a fan website that is just fantastic. One of the best fan driven sites devoted to something I've ever seen.  The blog has really sharp writers, mostly civil discussions, and is practically updated ALL THE TIME.  It's really just been a pleasure to read for anyone who loves the show.  Knowing the time that goes into making something like this makes you very grateful for the people behind it. Brilliant!

Cecily: Because its almost halloween… 

Katie: This image from Verily, one of my favorite sites:

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