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Trends in the Design Industry: Today & Tomorrow

Rob Kubasko

By Rob Kubasko

Right now, we're in a very modern, vector era. A lot of it came from, ironically enough, the Obama campaign, the whole Gotham type set on start colors. Add that to the popularity of the "Keep Calm and Carry On" style (amazing when you consider that was originally designed in the 1940s) -- and you have the trend of today.

You now see it in logos and design in general. The days of the overused drop shadows, bevels, and gradients (for the most part) are gone and you're going to see even more vector-based design. 

I think the trend will be for this to continue, but as with all trends, they make way for something new later on. Whether it's grunge, fluorescents, or back to photorealistic design, something will come out of this, and it most likely will happen again due to some cultural phenomenon.