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Quick Fire Halloween Edition: Of Skeletons, Reese's Pumpkins, and Hocus Pocus

Katie Morroni

Favorite childhood Halloween costume (BONUS POINTS for photos!)

Rob: Ohhhh... this is hard... kindergarten I was sick for Halloween but STILL got to wear my Darth Vader costume, which was what EVERYONE wanted in 1977 for Halloween.  But the one I really remember is the hideously insane skeleton costume I wore when I was four years old.  The costume was one of those cheasy ones from the 70s (like everyone had), but my parents found this awesome knit white shirt and skull cap I could wear that made it look even more deranged. Best part? I have a picture! Beware... it is truly the stuff of nightmares! Nothing is more awesome than a complete skeleton bursting out of another skeleton's chest!!! Who the hell designed these things??? 

Cecily: One year in elementary school, I dressed up as a present, complete with a bow on top and fun wrapping paper. Haha, take a look at the photo below. Can you tell I made it myself in the mid 90s?! Luckily my finishing skills have improved since then! One other favorite was the year I dressed up as a domino.

Katie: Probably has to be The Little Mermaid in 1990. Very popular with my fellow Kindergarteners. Belle a few years later (1992 perhaps?) was fun, too. Check out the photo below, and you can see how shy I was at the time... 


Joke you'd use if you were trick-or-treating this year

Rob: OK, admitedly, I had to go to the internet for help on this one... if I had to it would be: What do you get when you cross an elephant with a rhinoceros? Ell-if-I-ino.

Cecily: I think I would walk away and find a house that didn’t require a joke!

Katie: Why did Dracula go to the library? He wanted to sink his teeth into a good book.

Favorite Halloween candy

Rob: Butterfinger. No doubt about it. Pure Halloween bliss.

Cecily: Of the candies only available during the Halloween season, I’d say Reese’s Pumpkins. I love candy in general and being able to have it in bite sized servings in October is a definite plus.

Katie: I always knew Cecily and I were soul sisters on some level. I'm also a Reese's Pumpkins fan (trick-or-treat at our house tonight, and that's what you'll get) but I really do love it all.

Favorite Halloween movie 

Rob: Ha... this can go many ways... the original Halloween gave me nightmares for about a year when I was in 4th grade. I really loved Sleepy Hollow with Johnny Depp. Want to introduce that one to my daughter this year. And Nightmare Before Christmas is always a great Halloween movie!

Cecily: I don’t like scary movies and I’m drawing a total blank on non-scary Halloween movies.

Katie: Definitely a 3-way tie between Hocus Pocus (1993), Double Double Toil and Trouble (1993), and The Worst Witch (1986). Can you tell that my interest in Halloween peaked around 1993? Also, to be clear: these movies are TERRIBLE. Was I unknowingly on LSD for a portion of my childhood? You'd think so when you watch this:

Best Halloween-related thing you've seen on the Internet lately :)

Rob: Well, I have a slightly different take on this... There is a group in the Star Wars fan community that makes patches each year for Halloween. This year's is pretty neat, especially if you're a Nightmare Before Christmas fan. The full story of this organization is here. A wonderful tribute to a very brave little girl.

Cecily: What's a dad to do when his daughter wants to dress up as Han Solo for Halloween? 

Katie: Another tie here... 1) 38 Things You Probably Don't Know about "Hocus Pocus," and 2) These kids and their parents are winning: