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Quick Fire: Good Grooves & Magazines We Love

Katie Morroni

1. Lately, I'm in a good groove when it comes to...

Rob: Music. For some reason(s), I have been in a slump with music -- and now it lights me up and keeps a good thing going. The Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack might have had something to do with this.

Cecily: Lumosity! I'm currently riding an 11-day streak and hope to keep it going. I don't love all of the games, but I do think it is good to exercise my brain. And, at under 15 minutes a day, it seems like a good idea.

Katie: ... taking care of myself. It's been a challenge for me for a long time to listen to what my body needs -- to rest when I need rest, to excercise when I need to get moving, and generally to consider what I really need rather than what might simply distract me from this or that, or get me through the day. Being pregnant has helped me make a lot of progress with this. Something I saw on Pinterest almost a year ago, and have been telling myself since then is: "It is not selfish to refill your own cup so that you can pour into others." I think this is a lesson we all have to learn and relearn throughout our lives, and I'm still very much a student of this concept. 

2. If I knew I could not fail, I would...

Rob: Audition for some local musical theater productions -- one of the things I would so love to do, and might possibly be in the top 5 of my proverbial bucket list.

Cecily: Run a marathon.

Katie: Write a book.

3. Print magazines I subscribe to (if any):

Rob: HA! Amusingly several... No matter how many subscriptions I tried to do on my iPad, I never could get fully into the groove.  For now, it's Videomaker (yes, they're still around and it was from a door-to-door student salesperson, so no judging), Dwell (an uber-cool home interior/exterior journal full of things that are unaffordable but still jaw dropping to gawk at), and Fast Company. Oh, does the Lowe's Home Improvement magazine count too?

Cecily: HGTV magazine... It's like the highlights of the channel without the commericals! And I recently got the Ikea 2015 catalog, which I sort of read and save like I would for a design magazine. Better Homes and Gardens has had some special issues on kitchen and bathroom makeovers, so I pick those up when I see them, too.

Katie: I used to work in the print mag business, and had to learn a lot about it fast while overseeing the launch of a new, national monthly. In the process, I became a big fan and student of magazines and, though I haven't worked in that field in 6 years, I still can't get enough of them. These days, print magazine sales aren't what they used to be, so you can get subscriptions to great magazines for $5 or $10 a year -- usually just a tad more than an issue or two at newsstand price. I cycle through different publications frequently, but my current subscriptions include: Real Simple, O - the Oprah magazine, Bon Appetit, and 5280, a local Denver magazine.

Best thing on the Internet lately...

Rob: It has to be this.

Cecily: The recent opening video from the Apple keynote

Katie: If by "lately," you mean from 1855 (ha!)... I'm digging the letter that Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote praising Walt Whitman and his 1855 classic, Leaves of Grass, posted online recently by As the link explains, Emerson was "America’s most significant literary tastemaker" and inspired Whitman to write his epic collection of poems. Put yourself in Whitman's shoes: Can you imagine receiving a letter from the person who inspired you to create your masterpiece? Especially after it wasn't selling well, and you'd received poor reviews? "I find incomparable things said incomparably well, as they must be. ... I rubbed my eyes a little, to see if this sunbeam were no illusion." Swoon! If only each of us could hear that from our heroes.


Best thing about working together last week at our company retreat in DC...

Rob: Can’t pick just one thing but if I could, it would be optimism. Close behind are: healthy laughter, a plan (as in forward!), old friends, and good food. ;-)

Cecily: Being in the same time zone! And getting to work together all day, face to face.

Katie: Working and laughing together in the same room.