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What's in a name?

Rob Kubasko

Note: Amazingly enough: clients rarely ask us about the name of our company. But it's an odd story, so we thought we'd share it here anyway

So, why "Iguana?" 

We needed to incoporate so we could accept our first Dole for President check in the summer of 1995. We literally were on our way to the Arizona Corporation Commission offices to file the papers -- and we still didn't have a name. 

At the time, I was a huge fan of the NBA JAM series of video games, and the developer was a company called Iguana Entertainment. For some reason I just LOVED seeing their logo of an iguana spinning a basketball on its fingertip when the game would load up on my Sega Genesis.

Inexplicably, I thought iguanas were desert lizards (which I now know they are most definitely NOT), and being based in Arizona, that appealed to me. Plus, we wanted a name that was under the radar and not too political.  So, we picked Iguana, Inc. for short -- and to avoid infringements of any kind.

By Rob Kubasko