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Quick Fire: Toy Story, Getting More Sleep, & Bullet Journaling

Katie Morroni

Best thing you saw on the Internet in the last week or so

Rob: You might think it was the announcement of the Star Wars Episode VII title (The Force Awakens, for those not with said power), but I am overjoyed to hear the announcement of a fourth Toy Story movie! I know some people think that this means Pixar has run out of ideas but I see nothing wrong with revisiting great characters as long as the story is strong.  Plus, you can make as many good Toy Story movies as you want as long as you keep making movies like Up, Ratatouille and this:

Katie: One of my favorite bands, Over the Rhine, released their third album of Christmas music, and the entire album is available via the New York Times. What I love most about this is way they are reimagining the genre of Christmas music. If you think you know Christmas music, or think you hate Christmas music, you haven’t heard this. I don’t know how long the full album will be available, but for now, you can follow this link to the NYT’s Press Play site and scroll down to their album Blood Oranges in the Snow. It's also available via Spotify.


What are your goals for this month?

Rob: One: getting what’s important done before what’s urgent or easy.

Cecily: Get more sleep!

Katie: Professionally, I’m gearing up for maternity leave. Personally, I’m working on a fitness plan to keep me moving while I wait for baby.


Favorite Instagram account

Rob: Lego always has the neatest photos and videos of my favorite toy.

Cecily: JohnnyCupcakes

Katie: At the moment, it’s got to be Natalie Borton. Love seeing her daily life as a balanced (and fashionable!) new mom. Frequent Iguana blog readers may recall: this is not the first time she's made an appearance on our site.


One thing/change that’s improved your workflow

Rob: The constant and neverending plan to declutter my life.  Definitely is helping my day to day workflow!

Cecily: Organizing my to-do list, so it's written in the order I will do the tasks.

Katie: The bullet journal… I started back in March and it’s still a process that is definitely evolving, but it has helped me keep everything in one place. Learn more here. Cecily’s a fan, too. Check out this post about her method of tracking to-dos.