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Quick Fire: Blogs, Books, Apps, & Projects We Dig

Katie Morroni

Blog that inspires you
Rob: Not really a blog per se, but Father James Martin on Facebook is a wonderful follow.

Cecily: When Google Reader kicked the bucket, I stopped reading most blogs, mostly because I couldn’t remember to keep up with them and check them regularly. With that said, I enjoy the following blogs... you know, once I click on the hyperlink in my email / Facebook / Pinterest: 

Katie: I’ve said it here before, but it’s got to be The Balanced Life. Robin’s approach to healthy living works in large part because it is guilt-free and authentic. She inspires me, and her blog has become the home of a beautiful, growing community of people striving to be better, but not perfect. (Interested in learning more about The Balanced Life? I’ve mentioned the site before here and here.)     


Last novel you read or are reading now
Rob: Ha... I haven't read a recreational book in some time, but I was trying to read "The Rise and Fall of Darth Vader." It's a Scholastic book for ages 12-17.  Yeah... I'm still a kid at heart.

Cecily: I haven’t read a book in a while, but I am looking forward to either reading or listening to Amy Poehler’s book, Yes Please.

Katie: Mockingjay! I’m gearing up for the movie release on Friday. 


Best designed app you’ve used lately

Rob: Am ALWAYS impressed by what you can do with Keynote... it's my all time favorite application on any platform.  It might be time for some power user tips! Stay tuned... 

Cecily: I haven’t really downloaded any new apps lately, but I like the Calendar update in iOS 8 with the return of split screen month / daily view.

Katie: Right now, I’m really enjoying the upgrades to the Jawbone UP app. The way they’ve incorporated the new Smart Coach feature is smooth and a welcome improvement for this user. (Curious about the UP and UP24 band? Read what Cecily thinks.) 


Last Kickstarter project you backed (or started!)
Rob: The Linkmount System for my iPhone... I'm really looking forward to this. I may actually ditch the case on my iPhone 6 Plus when I get this. My main concern was dropping my phone when used and the finger ring should do the trick. Plus, I love the built-in stand and magnet attachment for use in the car, bike, and other places!

Cecily: Baron Fig Notebooks. I used to be much more interested in Kickstarter, but after having a bad experience and never receiving an item, I’ve turned a bit sour on it.

Katie: The Bullet Journal JOURNAL. Very excited to get this one. (What's Bullet Journal? More from Cecily and I — both big fans — here and here.)