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Quick Fire: On Twitter Feeds, Finding Inspiration, Mockingjay Part 1 & Christmas Music

Katie Morroni

Favorite Twitter account of the moment
Rob: There's a lot I like (and I don't use Twitter enough), but @appletize ALWAYS has great bits of Apple-related info that somehow gets missed in many other places.

Cecily: Ellen DeGeneres always has something funny and lighthearted to say.

Katie: @Unstuck… I love their app, but don’t always think to (or have the time to) open it up and work through a full exercise. I like seeing their bite-sized tips and the articles they recommend… and the reminder to get the app out when I need it.


Where have you found inspiration lately?
Rob: Long walks. Been trying to get more walking in for health and focus.  It's working great and I am continually amazed at how short the distances are between things that we assume are much longer.  Though now that it is getting colder in the desert, I found I need to bundle up.  And yes, this is funny in that the 60s are considered cold here... trust me, your blood thins out in the heat!

Cecily: Pinterest. It doesn’t matter what I’m looking for, Pinterest always has the answer.

Katie: Gearing up for Advent and Christmas, I’m reading Joy to the World by Scott Hahn, and it keeps inviting me into the season a little deeper. I love that. Oh, and I’m still on a high from the Over the Rhine release, Blood Oranges in the Snow


Mockingjay Part 1 is released today. Are you planning to see it?

Rob: My wife and daughter are... I'll probably wait until iTunes and then go see Part 2 with them next year!

Cecily: No... I had to google it to find out it was from The Hunger Games.

Katie: UM, by that, do you mean: Has it been on my calendar since the day they announced when the movie was being released? Then YES. I bought tickets earlier this week and will see it tonight. (Last year, my husband and I saw Catching Fire the day it was released — and we were the first people in line for our showing by nearly 2 hours. You can see the discrepancy between our levels of excitement. Man, he's such a good sport.)


Christmas music: Acceptable or criminal before Thanksgiving?
Rob: Criminal.  Plain and simple.

Cecily: Absolutely 110% UNACCEPTABLE! I may be a bit of a Scrooge, but I don’t approve of it before December 1.

Katie: Acceptable. Heck, I already mentioned it in this post. (See inspiration question above.) I know it drives some people mad, but you know what? I love Christmas music. And sometimes I turn it on in July. Don’t judge.