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Quick Fire: Thanksgiving Edition

Katie Morroni

Favorite Thanksgiving tradition
Rob: It used to be watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade, having family over for dinner at 1PM and then putting up some Christmas decorations. But as families grow and changes we're finding that we're having less and less visitors this year which means we're about to invent some new traditions we're looking forward to!

Cecily: Drawing names for the sibling gift exchange at Christmas.

Katie: Going to Mass. It’s a nice way to pause and remember that the day is about more than who is bringing the mashed potatoes. Ok, but seriously, who is bringing the mashed potatoes? :)


Favorite Thanksgiving food
Rob: "Post-thanksgiving hash".  This is what I used to do with the leftovers when I had Thanksgivings by myself in college... you put Turkey, corn and gravy in a skillet until bubbly and then add in the mashed potatoes until the whole thing is browned on the bottom.  Absolutely amazing.  And probably horrible for one's health. ;-)

Cecily: My Dad’s stuffing

Katie: Hands-down, my favorite Thanksgiving food is sausage stuffing. Not stuffed in the turkey, of course. That’s just gross. I guess that makes my favorite technically “dressing” and not “stuffing,” but to me, dressing is the usually-lame liquid you put on lettuce… I wouldn’t dare lower stuffing to that level by calling it that!


Least favorite Thanksgiving food
Rob: That's a tough one... I used think cranberry sauce was gross as a child but then later realized how it adds the right amount of flavor to other things on the traditional Thanksgiving plate.  Not sure I have one... I like it all!

Cecily: Sweet potatoes

Katie: If I say turkey, will you all promise not to tell my husband? Don’t get me wrong: I love HIS turkey. And it’s GOT to be on the table. But I’m really in this for the sides.


Preferred way to enjoy turkey (roasted, fried, smoked, other?)
Rob: GRILLED!  We've done this for a few years... super hot charcoal grill ( is my personal favorite) gives you extra heat like an oven that makes the outside seem like it was fried but the inside juicy and perfect.  Plus, no extra heat in the house from the oven -- and the grill time is sometimes HALF or less of a conventional oven.

Cecily: Cut into pieces on my plate. Just kidding... I like them all.

Katie: We usually have smoked and fried, and I usually can’t pick a favorite. I’m crazy about the fried skin (sorry, vegetarians!) but the smoked bird is so pleasantly ham-ish without being ham… I think we shall stick with cooking both. :)


Black Friday shopping: Fight the crowds or sleep in?
Rob: Sleep in.  No reason to get up early... online shopping is the way to go.  I think. ;-)

Cecily: Sleep in and not leave the house all day. I worked retail for MANY years and have grown to hate Black Friday because it is pure mayhem!

Katie: Yikes, it’s hard to imagine a scenario in which I’d want ANYTHING enough to fight the crowds. I might browse some online deals, but if I can, I’m sleeping in. Or waking up early -- but to make Christmas cookies, not to shop.