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Hue Knew?!

Cecily Kidd

By Cecily Kidd

I have been a user of Hue lights for 2 years now and they have changed my life. I never realized how inconvenient it is to turn on/off a lamp until I was able to do it from my phone. I realize that is a ridiculous first-world problem, but I hate getting into bed only to realize I left a light on in the other room.

Beyond being able to control the power from my phone, I can also do useful things like adjust the brightness and change the colors. I am usually pretty plain-jane and have mine set on white, but I use the dimmer/brightness feature regularly and every now and then I change it up and pick fun colors.

One of the best parts is that I haven’t had to change a lightbulb IN TWO YEARS! Its only a matter of time before my entire house is decked out in Hue lights!