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Quick Fire: Museums, Ice Cream, and Goals

Katie Morroni

Favorite museum
Rob: Tough one... The MIM (Musical Instrument Museum) is great, but I guess my favorite is the Air & Space Museum in DC.  Both locations are outstanding and there's always fun stuff to see. Plus, I am looking forward to returning to the downtown one in a few years to see the USS Enterprise model in the main gallery!

Cecily: I tend to prefer museums that have hands-on aspects and my eyes tend to glaze over after about an hour in a typical museum. Some of my favorites are:

  • The City Museum- St. Louis, MO
  • Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center- Virginia Beach, VA
  • National Gallery of Art (in limited doses)- Washington, DC
  • Space Center Houston (NASA)- Houston, TX
  • Desert Botanical Garden- Phoenix, AZ

Katie: Definitely the Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix — so unique and so universal at the same time

What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?

Rob: Vanilla. But REALLY good vanilla.  Like with the specks in it.

Cecily: Cookies and Cream

Katie: Cinnamon, chocolate chip cookie dough, or butter pecan — depending on the day


Favorite thing about working for Iguana
Rob: Two things (tie): The challenges of always seeing how we can solve visual problems efficiently and quickly AND working with great people where teamwork always brings out the best solution.

Cecily: The people. Their creativity, passion, and sense of humor make working for Iguana a total dream, but above all, they are simply good people. I also love that it is a truly collaborative environment and we all have each others backs.

Katie: Our team! It’s such a pleasure to go to work when you love the people on your team. I try to think about new ways to make their lives easier all the time, and I feel so supported by them, too. #TEAMIGUANA (inside joke…)

Goal to accomplish before the year’s end
Rob: Full office/house cleanup and a declutterizing that results in a better, more consistent focus on things that matter for 2015

Cecily: Organize the files on my desktop and in my downloads folder

Katie: Finish a book I’ve been reading