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Quick Fire: Bulldogs, Oreos, & Fog Machines

Katie Morroni

What’s the best thing you’ve seen on the Internet this week (or recently-ish)?


Awesome work here. I love singing, and I love singing in the style/voice of various characters, but I can’t comprehend the talent it takes to do this.

Cecily: [This might be NSFW, depending on where you work. Also, it might be the funniest thing you see all week. Consider yourself warned on both fronts.] I wish I worked with this man... He's hilarious

Katie: Beautiful photos of a little girl and her English Bulldog best friend. The tea party one is the best, but I also love the size discrepancy in the baby shots.


How did you bust your most recent bad mood?

Rob: Not easy. Combination of reflection, trust in family/friends and some faith.

Cecily: I think I slept.

Katie: Same here, Cec. I went to sleep. 


What’s your favorite Facebook page or Twitter account of the moment?

Rob: just constantly posted unique and interesting links/stories.


Katie: @Sanctibaby totally cracks me up. I'm also fond of the more mainstream approach at @HonestToddler.


What music is on repeat for you right now?

Rob: Split between The Unicorn by The Irish Rovers and the soundtrack to Thor.

Cecily: Haven’t been jamming much lately… but I HAVE been watching ridiculous amount of HGTV.

Katie: Delta Rae, an up-and-coming country band from Durham, NC... Listen for free on Spotify here.


What was your most recent addition to your Amazon wish list, or your most recent online purchase?

Rob: No joke: a fog and light machine.  The kid is playing the wizard in the Wizard of Oz at school and we need something that will make her entrance look like she walked through a wall of green fire.  I’m sure I can find other uses for this. ;-)

Cecily: Added dog treats to my wish list... My life is lame.

Katie: I pre-ordered a book of poetry by Sarah Key, No Matter the Wreckage. Lately I'm more of a library girl... but did you know that pre-order sales count toward the first week of sales, in terms of making a best-seller list? Ever since I learned this, I sometimes pre-order to give favorite writers or otherwise important books a boost.