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Tips for Finding Your Story

Rob Kubasko

So you want to make an infographic? First you need to find your story.

We can help.


A) In a few sentences, tell us what you want this graphic to say.

Making a good infographic comes down to telling a concise and useful story with limited and clear points. Avoid just making a pretty and long document.

We’ll clean it up and make it sing, but we need to know what your point is.

B) Next, pick the top 5-10 main points thay support these sentences.

- audiences are easily distracted
- good stories have purpose
- you save time by finding the story
- social media provides good tools to avoid infinitely long stories
- main point, 5-10 secondary, keywords

They can be traditional datapoints, observations or other bits of information.

C) Finally, give us phrases you’d want people to think of after they see your graphic.

1 - helpful
2 - useful
3 - how to find story
4 - what to avoid
5 - clean

Your brand is assumed here. We’re talking things like “versatile” or “fast” or “solutions.”