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Best Advice I've Ever Gotten: Let's Walk Down

Rob Kubasko

By Rob Kubasko

When I was working at Arizona State in a VP's office, my boss did his best to dissuade me from jumping to another department (Information Technology) to take over designing the main ASU website. Steve told me to remember this when making big decisions: 

One evening, a bull and his son were standing on the top of a clearing and saw an entire herd of cows below. The son exclaimed excitedly, "Wow, Dad! Look at all those cows! Let's run down and impregnate [for the record, that is NOT the word he used, but I have been advised that we should make this PG-rated] one of the cows!!! Come on!!!" The father looked at his son and replied, "No, son. Let's walk down and impregnate [again, argh!] them all."