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Best Advice I've Ever Gotten: There's More Than One Right Answer

Katie Morroni

When I was applying to my college, I was anxious to make the right choice. I knew my problem was not unique and that many survived this process year in and year out. And yet, I was stuck.

It was so freeing then to hear my dad say, "You could be equally happy at any number of places. You're not looking for a soul mate. There's more than one right answer."

At the time, I might have even misunderstood this to mean I could be happy anywhere -- but today I understand the not-so-subtle distinction much more: He wasn't suggesting that every answer, or in this case, every school would be right for me. Rather, he believed that I had the capacity to be happy with more than one outcome. And once I understood this, I felt free of the need to make the perfect choice and confident to pursue happiness wherever my next season took me.

When faced with difficult decisons today, there's usually more than one right answer -- and remembering this advice helps me go a little easier on myself. I let go of the pressure I put on myself to make the perfect choice and am much more likely to instead think, "Let's give this a try." That mindset keeps me moving forward rather than getting stuck in the anxiety (and unreasonable-ness) of perfection.