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Working from Home Tips: Part 3

Rob Kubasko

In this third post of our series of working from home tips, Rob builds on the insights Cecily and Katie have shared on the blog. 

You guys have hit on all the main stuff. Here's a slightly different take in just three items:

1. Working from home means you never leave work. Sad to say but true. Sure, you can have a room exclusively for work, but the reality is you are never more than a 10-second walk from the office. This isn't really a tip... it's more like a reality thay should be accepted and used as motivation to not let work consume one's home.


2. Plan tomorrow tonight. It's REALLY helpful to know what you want to accomplish the next day before you end the current one. Yeah, sometimes it can be overwhelming, but it will make all those other things (like getting up and dressed) a lot easier. Plus, it also helps because it means you need to understand when you're going to work and when you're going to do errands, household chores, etc. Too often they overlap, and that's when logjams on both sides happen.

3. Start with the hard stuff. It may be the hardest thing to do, but it's the most essential to daily success. Too many times, I try to do all the small stuff first -- and then get burned out and can't tackle the really important or difficult stuff because I'm now more stressed about it not being done.  Again, this impacts so many other things around the home, so it's important to remember.