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Quick Fire: Pug Professions, New Office Space, and Unexpected Joy

Katie Morroni

1. TV show you're binge-watching:

Rob: Interestingly, nothing much since we got rid of cable. ;-)  But the new Doctor Who season is already two episodes in and we're loving it so I guess you could say Doctor Who at this point.

Cecily: Project Runway season 12 -- so I can watch beginning to end without having to wait! I love watching the designers go through the process of designing a garment from conception to completetion. My favorite challenges are the ones with unconventional materials and seeing how the designers think outside of the box to make it look expensive, even if it is made out of things from the Dollar Store.

Katie: Friday Night Lights -- I've seen the series before, but I'm rewatching with my husband, a first-time viewer. We're having fun not thinking too hard and chatting about the high school drama. Clear eyes. Full hearts. Can't lose.


2. Blog or site you're binge-reading:

Rob: Admittedly, it's all the Apple rumor sites because I (along with everyone) are super curious to see what they announce.

Cecily: That's a tough one... probably BuzzFeed because they are mostly images and don't require clicking between pages so I can quickly scroll through the post and then close the tab.

Katie: Probably a tie between two sites at the moment: The Balanced Life and Thoughts By Natalie. TBL is a Pilates and lifestyle blog, and Robin's baby steps for healthier, more balanced living are practical ways to take better care of yourself. TBN is a style site, and Natalie is the same height as me and is also expecting, so it's been fun to feel like I have my own personal fashion consultant and to learn that maternity clothes don't have to be boring.


3. Something new you learned, experienced, or tried last week:

Rob: Walking more. I found out that the walk to church is only 20 minutes.  Granted, it stinks that it is still crazy hot here in Arizona, but at least it only burns for 20 mins. ;-)

Cecily: I learned that reading glasses without an anti-glare coating are fairly miserable when you have become accustomed to anti-glare!

Katie: As part of preparing for the arrival of our new baby, I moved out of my office in the second bedroom of our home and I'm now set up to work in the basement next to my husband, who also works from home. I can't think of a better reason to have to make the change, but I will admit I was reluctant to say goodbye to my own space. I've worked out of that office longer than I've been married and through multiple jobs, so it was definitely a transition. But so far, things are going great downstairs! If anything, working alongside someone else is helping me stay more focused and giving me an even better delineation of work time and personal time. So far. ;-)


4. Best thing you saw on the Internet last week:

Rob: This video... really just love how joy can be found in the most mundane things... something I know I strive to do everyday.

Cecily: My pug Lucy is not amused, but I love these!

Katie: Nerd alert... but it's the trailer for The Roosevelts: An Intimate History. I'm so pumped!