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Best Screen in iOS 7 Yet

Rob Kubasko

OK, so almost a week in and there are definitely some things about iOS7 that are LESS than stellar. But this is not one of those. This is how my tiered weather app looks.


It's amazing. And it's probably one of the best examples of good design in the still unfolding iOS7 ecosystem.

We have team members and  customers spread out across the globe, so I'm always wanting to keep track of time and daylight in those cities. This screen does it better than the world clock view and in a way that is engaging and immediately understood with just a few seconds.

For instance, the animations are elegant and make the information quicker to digest. They're not there for eye candy; they're there to communicate. I get time, daylight, temperature, and weather conditions for each location at a glance.

I'm really looking forward to when other parts of iOS7 (looking at you, Calendar and Notes!) exhibit this kind of style.

 -- Rob Kubasko