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Stream of consciousness

The Selfie Vote Story

Rob Kubasko

A friend of mine recently published a wonderful book in great part about the current state of politics (and perceptions) in America. It's called "The Selfie Vote" by Kristen Soltis Anderson. Bottom line, it's a fantastic book and if you're at all curious about where things are headed in our media driven world, get it now. I'm not just saying this because I'm quoted in it, either. I was extremely honored and humbled to be asked by Kristen to offer some stories and thoughts from my time working in the political world. A world that covered the first 15 years of Iguana. If you read it, and more specifically the second chapter, you will read about a funny (and a little obscene) experience I had when working on the Dole for President campaign website in 1996 on the eve of one of the presidential debates. For those who do, I dug up some funny photos you might find interesting. First some back story... 


Iguana was basically started out of my condo bedroom in 1995. This is a photo of my desk. Go ahead, take it all in and feel free to laugh. Keep in mind, this is a testament to the geek world of the mid 1990's. There is SO MUCH I could point out in this image (Tie Fighter game poster, Motorola StarTAC cellphone, bombproof office chair bought at surplus to name a few) but I'll focus on the thermal fax machine on the far left. This was how we got edits from the campaign.  Email was in its basic infancy and so the campaign would PRINT every page of the site and send us their hand marked edits via fax almost daily. I would come home from work and find a continuous roll of edits spewed around the room. It was awesome.

Now we get to the moment described in Kristen's book when I flipped out as Bob Dole made the biggest plug ever (until that time) for a website during the 1996 campaign. No, I was NOT a hoarder though it looks like that. I was in the process of renovating the upstairs of the condo and had moved everything (including my amazing collection of Star Wars toys - ah, Micro Machines!) to the downstairs. So this is the wonderful TV I was watching the debate on (when not watching The X-Files apparently).

Here's my "desk" which was also my dining room table during this frantic period. Note the super cool VCR, Zip and Jaz drives. How wonderful the times. (Sarcasm)

I'm going to close this post out to show that EVERY office was lame in the 90's. During the campaign we got to make ONE trip to the main Dole office in DC. Here's one of the pictures from it. How quaint I know!

Again, if you care about the world you'll be doing yourself a favor to pick up Kristen's book. Thanks to her for including my wit and faked wisdom. You go girl!



Tempus fugit... 20 years or just 2.0?

Rob Kubasko

As the saying suggests, time must really fly because it seems insane to think that I started doing all this stuff professionally 20 years ago this month. There's been a lot of fun times and great people with the successes and failures experienced over the last two decades. It's all good and this month is about kicking off whatever is next. And there's a lot yet to come... for now, we'll drag some stuff from the archive. Like when I tried to do a video series on why I was a recovering politiholic (is that a word?) back in 2010... more on this later... anyway, enjoy!